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Detox smoothie recipe - Dr. Axe


Detox Smoothie Recipe

Feeling bloated and just plain unhealthy? Then try my detox smoothie recipe that I... Read more »


Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key lime pie makes me think of spending warm, sunny days with my family... Read more »
Thai iced tea recipe - Dr. Axe


Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Have you ever tried Thai iced tea? It’s like chai tea in that both... Read more »

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Summer savory - Dr. Axe


What Is Summer Savory? Benefits, Nutrition, Uses & How to Grow

Known as the “love herb” for its potential aphrodisiac properties, summer savory has been... Read more »
Cold shower benefits - Dr. Axe


Cold Shower Benefits for Body and Mind Alike

It may sound unpleasant, but a cold shower can actually be good for you.... Read more »
Cooling foods - Dr. Axe


Top 22 Cooling Foods & Herbs (Plus Benefits)

If you were to ask a practitioner of traditional medicine, “How can I reduce... Read more »
Summer fruits - Dr. Axe


Top 20 Summer Fruits and How to Add Them to Your Diet

In the summertime, things get a whole lot more colorful, including your plates. With... Read more »
Cranberries for brain health - Dr. Axe


Study Highlights Benefits of Cranberries for Brain Health

We know from recent news that cranberries have a positive effect on heart health,... Read more »
High costs of healthcare


High Costs of Healthcare: Know When to Take Charge of Your Diagnostic Options

This is part three in Casey Hersch’s articles series about how to defeat chronic... Read more »
Cold soup - Dr. Axe


17 Cold Soup Recipes for Summer

Soups are generally thought of as cold-weather dishes, and cold soup is usually considered... Read more »
Working out in the heat - Dr. Axe


Tips for Working Out in the Heat Safely (Plus Its Benefits)

When nicer weather returns, it’s exciting to move your workouts outdoors, adding plenty of... Read more »
Natural appetite suppressants - Dr. Axe


Natural Appetite Suppressants that Work Without the Risks of Weight Loss Pills

No doubt about it, overeating (high calorie intake) and its connection to obesity is... Read more »
Coconut flour recipes - Dr. Axe


27 Coconut Flour Recipes You’re Sure to Love

Whether you’ve gone gluten-free, have a nut allergy or simply are looking for a... Read more »
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